Joining Gorey Cycling Club

You can download the club application form here and drop it into Derek at Sprint Design or give it to any committee member with the relevant fee. The prices are below.

As a prospective member, you are welcome to come along to any of our organised weekend club spins to meet and cycle with other club members. We meet in the car park opposite Revolve Bike Shop, Gorey every Saturday and Sunday morning, departing at 9.30am. If new to cycling, it will give you an opportunity to cycle in a group and get a feel for club riding. However, should you wish to continue riding with the club, we would ask that you sign an indemnity (available from the Club) until your Club/Cycling Ireland membership has been approved.

€50 for a single member
€125 for family membership 

New members are also required to take out a Cycling Ireland membership which offers both you and the club a level of insurance (details here) should anything happen to you out on the bike. Cycling Ireland offer different types of membership and you can find details on them here.

Under club rules, those who have not registered with both Gorey Cycling Club and Cycling Ireland are not covered under insurance for any club events including all club spins.

We have quite a few members with varying abilities on the bike, which are broken up into 3 basic spin groups:

  1. Racing Group: as the name suggests, this group is primarily focused on training for races throughout the year. During peak race season, this group usually averages 30km/h+ over 100km spins.
  2. Touring Group: suitable for cyclists who can manage 50-60km comfortably and also for people new to riding with a group. Average speed can be 24-26km/h depending on the route/terrain, but this is just a guide and the group will always stay together. The group also try to target one sportive a month during the season, so some hills are to be expected on the weekly spins.
  3. Beginners: beginners don’t stay beginners for very long, so this is only organised as needed, but we will always welcome people along for trial spins so you can gauge your fitness. Spins are organised with several ‘cut-outs’ that will allow you head for home if needed.

Some general advice for group spins would include:

  • Have a racing bike (road bike) in good mechanical order.
  • Have at least one spare tube, tyre levers, a pump and know how to change a flat.
  • Have a couple of bottles of water/energy drink.
  • Have warm/wet gear on if the weather isn’t great (layers are best).
  • Have a mudguard on if it’s wet – more as a courtesy to the cyclist behind rather than to save yourself.
  • Have money for emergencies (or a coffee-stop).
  • Bring your mobile and put it in a ziploc type bag to protect it from perspiration.
  • Always wear your helmet.

All Groups meet at the same place, the car park opposite Revolve Bike Shop, Gorey, on Saturdays and Sundays with a depart time of 9.30am.