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Being part of Gorey Cycling Club

I woke up last Saturday at stupid o’ clock like a child ready to go on a school tour. What was I excited about? It would be my first trip away with Gorey Cycling Club and the destination was Belfast for the 2nd Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia Northern Ireland. The Gran Fondo was epic, a special cycling experience with fully policed closed roads and as we cycled through the countryside we were met by the locals cheering and waving us on our way. There were 2 routes; the 173km Mourne Route for the more advanced athletes in our club and the less challenging but more enjoyable 58km Strangford Route for those of medium ability such as myself or as we call it The ‘Touring’ Group.

The weekend wasn’t all about cycling; it was a celebration of the training and effort put in over the last few months. Being a member of Gorey Cycling Club isn’t just about training or getting fitter. The benefits are far greater, you get to hang out with an amazing crew and make lifelong friends.

You don’t have to be great to start cycling but you have to start to be great. I cycled my bike for the 1st time on March 18th last year. I got a mile down the road and had to phone the bike shop to find out how to change the gears! Just 15 months on I have completed every challenge I set myself. The first was the Sean Kelly 100 km in Dungarvan last August. At the start of the summer I was cycling 30km and with 12 weeks training I completed the 100km. This year I’ve already participated in 4 sportives and I’ve proudly worn my orange jersey in the Wexford leg of the Cycle against Suicide, it was the reason I began cycling. I never thought I could cycle up to 80km but you can do anything you set your mind to.

On Sunday I travel to Greystones to take part in the Wicklow 100, another opportunity to challenge myself and with every finish line I cross; my confidence in my own ability grows.

Gorey Cycling Club are not looking for super athletes, we are recruiting Ladies to join our touring group and train a few times a week with a goal of participating in the Sean Kelly tour of Dungarvan in August. There are 3 options, the 50km, 100km and 160km. Why not come out on our training sessions and meet the gang, you won’t regret it. The weekly training nights are Wed and Fri meeting in the carpark across from Revolve at 6.30pm. The official Sunday spin meets at the same place at 9.30am.

If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got! Take a chance and create a life worth living. Come, join us and enjoy the spin!


GCC 2015 Sportive Challenge

Calling all GCC Tourers… Fancy a Challenge for 2015

As Touring Captain I would like if a number of tourers could complete a few sportives as a group during the year. This would give us all something tangible to aim for and encourage each of us to get out on the bike every weekend.

Please see below a table of the training aims we need to meet in order to be able for the 1st sportive I have earmarked (the Mount Leinster Challenge).

Sunday will remain the main club spin. However, we will also need to do a spin on most Saturdays. I would also recommend that you would train at least once more during the week to increase overall fitness. This does not necessarily have to be cycling. A session at the gym, TRX, running etc would suffice, as the aim is that with 3 exercise sessions per week over a 3 month period you would be fit enough for a 100km spin.

Training Aims 

DATE:                                DISTANCE  (KM):                 NOTES:
BY END OF FEB                  50                            MAINLY FLAT
BY END OF MARCH           70                            INCORPORATE SOME HILLS
BY END OF APRIL              90                            INCORPORATE MORE HILLS
BY END OF MAY                100                          MT LEINSTER CONQUERED!
For the sportives themselves, I would like us to start as a group and finish as a group! The following are the sportives I am suggesting:
DATE                     NAME                                                               DISTANCE (KM) 
SAT 16TH MAY    MT LEINSTER CHALLENGE, Enniscorthy    100
SUN 21ST JUNE   DRAGON SPORTIVE, Enniscorthy                75/130
SUN 19TH JULY   ST LUKES CHARITY, Ferns                             100
SUN 2ND AUG     TOUR OF WEXFORD, Piercetown                100

SUN 23RD AUG   SEAN KELLY TOUR, Dungarvan                    100

There are many other sportives on during the year which some or all of us may enter. However, I am suggesting the above 5 as the GCC touring group outings. I think this would be a great way for the tourers to get to know each other better and encourage each of us to increase our fitness.

If you are interested in doing this please let me know on 086-1260412.

Thanks and best regards,
James Browne

PS: Racers are more than welcome to join us… but don’t expect the group to be averaging 35km/h on the Mount Leinster Challenge!!!! :-))