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Tesco Community Fund & GoreyCC

tesco community fund

Gorey Cycling Club’s Youth & Underage programme will feature as one of the Clubs to benefit from Tesco Gorey’s Community Fund for the next six weeks.

We will be running a programme which aims to get more youth and underage interested in cycling, both recreationally and as a sport. To make this happen we intend buying bikes and kit for kids who have neither, particularly those less advantaged, but who really want to get into the sport of cycling.

So each time you shop in Tesco Gorey, you’ll receive a blue token (ask for the tokens if you do not receive one) which you can use to vote for one of 3 local causes. Every six weeks, money from the Tesco Community Fund will be shared out according to the number of tokens each cause receives.

For more on this great cause you can get in touch with us through Facebook or by contacting the club directly using the contact button on our page.

Thank you for your continued support from all at GoreyCC